Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 9 – Jaiger Snow (Tngnt Ski Bikes)

This week, Jaiger Snow from Tngnt Ski Bikes joins the boys to talk about those crazy ski bikes you’ve been seeing more of in the past couple of years. It turns out ski bikes might be the perfect crosstraining tool for freeriders. Other discussions include:

  • At what age do men lose their minds and start recording videos of high school kids?
  • How to order Chipotle if you’re a black metal singer.
  • Can we incorporate pirate metal into our “Salt Lake Sendy” video?
  • Jimmy’s baiku about being the Gnar Couch.
  • Sponch’s claim that his penis is the Space Shuttle Challenger.
  • Satanic mini-horse sacrifices in Gnar Couch hoodies.
  • Chief and Sponch argue over who is a bigger boomer, based on the socks they each wear.

Try it, you’ll hate it! 

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