Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 11- Lance Canfield Returns

Lance Canfield returns to the podcast to talk about Canfield Bike’s two new rigs, the Tilt and the Lithium. The Tilt is a short-travel 29er with modern geometry, while the Lithium fills the long-travel 29er void.

Joey Russel from Take a Hike Bike Shop (the Sponch Tune sponsor) joins the show and the boys come up with a new promotion for him called the Golden Dicket.

A girl criticizes the boys for not considering an “I’ll Sit on Your Face” shirt, then suggests that everything is a butt plug if you’re brave enough. Everyone is surprised there is a girl listener. Sponch asks a terrible question that results in Jimmy saying he’d snort his dead dad’s ashes. The crew gives a t-shirt to a guy in Australia with “The Mouth Game.” “Rubbery Raincoat” sends a follow-up to Jake’s kind email, telling the boys they’re morons. Chief reads product descriptions from the Gnar Couch Store, which include “bisleevual shirts,” beanies that will help retain lice, and face masks that help spread COVID.

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