Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 13 – Ween Jokes and Bahstahn Rahb

Having no content or guest, the Gnards pretend they’re SNL or a female comedian, but instead of relying on predictable Trump and sex jokes, they digress back to dick jokes.

New producer Boston Rob joins the show, saying it’s always been his dream to work in radio. Then he laughs uncontrollably at things that probably aren’t that funny several times.

Gnar Couch team rider Dustin Smart drops a new freeride video with a script that’s even better than the riding. Hilarity ensues.

Chief discusses his recent stint in Facebook Jail and introduces a new segment called Mail Sack, while Sponch reads a post he found online about slappin’ it in the woods.

In all, the show was a solid D-.

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