Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 14 – Joey Foresta

World Cup downhill racer Joey Foresta joins the Gnards this week. Instead of asking him interesting things about his bike setup and racing pro tracks all over the world, the boys inquire about Joey’s love of Birkenstock sandals and the time he crapped his pants on the Wasatch Crest. Joey admits he thought he may have become a murder victim after driving way up in the mountains to Chief’s cabin, and then asks Sponch a legitimate question about whether or not Sponch is legally allowed to be around children. Joey saves the show with great stories about racing Kyle Strait and freeriding with Tyler McCaul.

Sponch is targeted in the Mail Sack. They Gnards give away a pair of socks to a U.S. Marine, even though he loses this week’s contest. Boston Rob continues to laugh at everything.

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