Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 16 – Suspension Syndicate

The Gnar Couch Podcast celebrates it’s Sweet 16 with Cody and Stu from Suspension Syndicate. Chief manages to ask about three legitimate questions about suspension before the conversation is derailed by Stu telling the Gnards he had a dream about the podcast the night before. After that, the boys revert back to more typical topics not related to bikes like killing evil mini-horses and whether or not it’s OK to have sex with pets.

Joey Russell from Take a Hike Shop Zooms in to get us updated on the whereabouts of the CushCock, which is now apparently stuffed inside some i9 wheels. Jimmy explains his white trash roots, growing up one town over from Virgin, UT, and Boston Rob only fucks up 4-5 times, an improvement over last week. Jimmy and Chief recount their weekend in Virgin, marveling over Danny Mac’s and Dustin’s riding.

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