Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 18 – Ryan McElmon

This week’s guest is pro skier Ryan McElmon. When Ryan isn’t skiing for Monster Energy, POC, Saga, and other sick sponsors, he rides mountain bikes real fast. Ryan tells the Gnards about hitting 110-foot jumps in ski competitions, running over marmots, making babies cry, raging on cabinets, hockey fights, and getting covered in cow shit at Pomerelle.

The boys bring on several Gnards to discuss things like “looners” (people who are in love with balloons), the #TwistedHoses showdown between StuntCock and Terry Carter, and Chief pays tribute to Sponch with a heart-warming audio card. This show is easily a 2 out of 10. Boston Rob remembers a fellow shredder and good friend who took his life two years ago.

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