Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 19 – Josh Bender

This week Boston Rob makes up for all past mistakes by getting the legendary Josh Bender as a guest. Bender and the boys discuss hucking huge cliffs, mental prep, cannabis, and Bender’s new shuttle company, Shredding with Bender. Bender tries to convince Cheef he can send the original Bender Sender, gets us all caught up on what he’s up to now, and tells us what he thinks of the current state of freeride and judging Red Bull Rampage.

69 Moose Knuckle 420 tells the boys about wearing the Gnar Couch “Blow Me Up” balloon shirt as he trains younger Marines, and how he had to explain to a major in the Corps why he was wearing the shirt and what a looner is. Being boomers, the boys discuss interest rates on car loans after deciding it’s a good idea to take out a payday loan to buy a new bike. Sponch breaks down his new Canfield Balance build with parts from Take a Hike Shop.

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