Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 21 – Danny Mac

One of the boys’ favorite riders, Virgin’s own Danny Mac, joins the podcast this week to talk about big sends in the desert and his recent crash, which resulted in six broken vertebrae and three broken ribs, all of which doctors say he’ll totally recover from. The Gnards also discuss rebounding from injuries, motivation, the territorial pissing matches between freeriders in Virgin, and fingering mountain bikes.

Despite Jimmy’s quiet nature, the boys determine he’s the angriest of the four, while Roston Bob tells a story about breaking a guy’s orbital bone at a KoRn concert. K.Y. Gnard returns with another Kinard’s Corner in which he tells the story about a waiter in Fargo hitting on him. An important question about what you should call getting high and masturbating leads to an intelligent discussion of the topic as the Gnards choose sides.

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