Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 22 – Richard Finn, Jr. (Rampage Builder)

Just like the Gnards, builders never get the credit they deserve. So, this week the boys tip their hats to Richard Finn, Jr., a California-based builder who has constructed Rampage lines for Antoine Bizet, Wil White, and Logan Binggeli. Richard has spent a lot of time moving dirt in the Southern Utah desert and has some great stories about building, Rampage, and stealing building materials from construction sites.

The Gnards break down their favorite hair bands. Mooseknuckle explains that being in the Marines means you’re going to get your nuts stomped after blowing in conch shells and making slip and slides. Luce Bagina is named Gnard of the Week. Cheef tries to convince Jimmy and Sponch to get Woodward passes, and Kindard’s Korner includes a wonderful story about a lot lizard washing her lady parts with gutter sludge before riding off on her Yeti.

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