Gnar Couch Podcast Episode 23 – Mark Kugel (Masters National DH Champion)

If ever there was someone who belongs on this podcast, it would be Mark Kugel. This rad 50-year-old rides like he’s 19, and after grabbing a bike for the first time ever at 39, has won two national downhill championships. Kugel also builds and has his own MTB coaching business, Kugel’s Gravity School. He rides for Revel bikes and Lenz Sport SkiBikes and reminds the boys a lot of Bender, which is exactly why they wanted him on. He and the boys talk about overcoming obstacles, coaching, mini-horses, and in a new twist, dwarf donkeys. It’s as dumb as you think it will be.

Sponch tells the boys he hates a popular mountain bike magazine. Roston Bob gives out hugs and high fives. Jimmy claims to be a one-minute man, and Cheef gets shit for starting a Facebook page highlighting himself. In all, the show is a 3 out of 10.

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