Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 25 – Dirt Spray Apparel

The boys were supposed to have Josh Bender and Randy Spangler on, but both of them wised up and decided to avoid the Gnards. So, in a last-minute fury of producing wizardry, Roston Bob reached out to Cheeks at Dirt Spray in Miami, who decided he’d defile his brand by being a guest. The boys get the low-down on MTB in Florida, which includes freeriding in 300-foot deep phosphorous mines and dirt roadies going OTB on jumps. The Gnardcast decides they’d ride in bikinis all season in order to get a Ferrari.

Angry Jimmy Sniper is calm and collected as he delivers his best baiku yet, honing in on Sponch’s protectile dysfunction. Cheef decides he wants to join the Boston mob when Roston Bob tells him he’ll get horse cock sandwiches. Cheef explains why he’s now wearing all white when he rides and the boys discuss Jewniforms with resident expert, Roston Bob. In all, the show is a 2/10.

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