Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 26 – James Perri

Rippin’ rider, mechanic, and Rampage builder James Perri joins the Gnarcast this week and, luckily, he’s funnier than the Gnards so the podcast is halfway decent for the first time ever. James has ridden in races around the world and looks like Lawrence from the movie Office Space so he’s cool as shit. He and the boys barely talk about mountain biking, but touch on Formation, riding with pros, and proper riding apparel (jorts). James also auditions to be the Gnar Couch voiceover guy.

Bobstan Ross and Cheef tell stories about partying with the band Godsmack, while Jimmy remains nearly silent and Sponch does another dirty Google search. The boys rate a Gnard’s music submission and Sponch finds out there is a Facebook group about banging his mom. Luce Bajina makes his first audio appearance and interrupts the show repeatedly. Jimmy tells the story about how he pussed out on King Kong trail in Virgin.

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