Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 27 – Archer Components and Pathetic Mountain Bikers

Rahstahn Bahb proves his worth again after booking two guests for this weeks podcast: Devin Carlson from Archer Components and Sarah Pruss from Pathetic Mountain Bikers.

Devin is the co-owner of Archer, which makes a wireless shifter that is compatible with any derailleur. Cheef is stoked on the product and can’t wait to learn bar spins with it on his trail bike. Devin was nice enough to let the boys demo two of the wireless shifters, which they’re already considering selling to buy Cameo recordings of Caitlyn Jenner promoting Gnar Couch.

Sarah started Pathetic Mountain Bikers and she and her admin team regularly remove comments from the Gnards, who frequently troll the group. She and the boys have a semi-serious conversation about the roles of admins in MTB groups and the ways each approach their respective groups as moderators.

Sponch practices his first Cameo recording with a horrible request from listener Moose Cuckle and Kenny Eggs suggests an outfit for Sponch for our upcoming Thongs and Dongs Calendar. Jimmy says about 13 words and secretly considers leaving all of us for a return to normalcy.

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