Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 29 – Tom Brooks (Canfield)

This week’s podcast was a reverse milestone as the boys relied on actual bike content and decreased dick jokes by 69% to make Incident 29 almost listenable.

Canfield’s Tom Brooks dropped by after standing the Gnardcast up last week, a painful reminder of high school for everyone except Bobston Ross, who most likely went to prom with three girls and a pocket full of ecstasy. Tom made the switch from BMX to MTB about a year ago and has already dropped some sick edits and clips. Along with Canfield, he rides for Archer Components, EXT Suspension, Lemon Tree, Zoic, 15/7, and Gripit Gloves. He and the boys discuss the differences between BMX and MTB riders, and come up with a world-first trick for Sponch and Cheef to try on a tandem bike.

Cheef admits he likes the butt rock band Buckcherry. The boys make fun of MTB and #vanlife influencers who start every video with, “Hey guys!” The looner culture makes its return to the podcast as Sponch talks about his experience in a looner Facebook group.  For some reason, Sammy Sosa’s unnatural skin color changes come up again, and the Gnarcast agrees that sports would be better if athletes were allowed to use any drugs they want. Cheef realizes all his impressions sound like Scott Stapp when he tries to sound like Toby Keith Macho Man, who, in his estimation, only sounded the way he did because he never actually took a dump. Everyone makes fun of Cheef for not knowing Eminem lyrics. Bobstan Ross admits his first concert was NKOTB and he got a chubby when he met Joey McIntyre.

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