Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 30 – Trevyn Newpher

Trevyn Newpher has a strange name, but he is by far the most normal person on this week’s podcast. Trevyn is the bike park manager at Steamboat Resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and he recently helped design and build the city’s bike park. He is also a professional mountain biker and coach, as well as a talented video producer and Timbersled ambassador. He’s also the only person on this week’s episode with any real talent. 

This becomes blatantly obvious when the boys review the Gnard Couch Podcast, a Gnar Couch spin-off podcast hosted by two drunk, cheese-eating degenerates in Wisconsin. The Gnards come up with a list of depraved sexual acts and ask Bobston Ross which ones he’s partaken in. Jimmy rates his anger. Cheef still hasn’t landed a 360. Sponch seems to have contained his weaponized A.D.D. at least some, but new challenges are brewing between him, Cheef, and Bobston Ross. 

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