Worst of the Gnar Couch Podcast 69 Minus 68

The Gnardcasters have sloppily thrown together their first “worst-of” compilation and it’s full of high-brow humor. Highlights include:

  • The intro to the first incident
  • Boston Rob’s first show
  • The Blumpkin Rob story
  • 69 Goose Knuckle 420 shotgunning La Croix, trying to get the Gnar Couch on his dog tags, and telling his CO he’s a “looner”
  • Poetry from Jimmy Sniper and a drunk Wisconsin idiot
  • Asking Lance Canfield stupid questions
  • Bender
  • Lots of drops
  • Sponch’s Northern Lights experience
  • Bobston Ross’s NKOTB remix and the Savage Sponch tribute
  • Joey Foresta’s nature dump
  • Cushcock and Bliz on my face stories

Thanks to Take a Hike Bike Shop, Archer Components, and Bliz Sunglasses for supporting this stupidity.

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