Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 34 – James Perri Returns

James Perri joins the legendary Lance Canfield as the only guest to appear twice on the Gnar Couch Podcast and he earns his keep after voicing a commercial for Fake Girls, Real Love, Kenny Eggs’s sex doll brothel. He breaks down the invite-only TDS Enduro, which he recently rode in. James is a talker so the podcast runs three hours before editing for only the second time. The first time it did…was also because of James.

In other Gnard news, Sponch hits a 35 foot gap that is 85 feet long, Jimmy snipes with one of his funniest random comments yet, Cheef’s computer takes a dump, and Rob laughs in another part of the Stabbin’ Cabin and we can still here it. We also cover classic music from a guy only sings names and Wesley Willis.

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