Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 37 – John Gichomo Zooms in From Kenya and Fifty Percent of the Gnards are Naked

Fewer and fewer guests are willing to come on the podcast, as we predicted would happen months ago, and the boys are now relying on a bunch of out-of-shape, nude guys with dad bods to provide content for the podcasts. Without being told to do so, almost 50% of the Gnards in the Zoom meeting take at least their pants off, if not all of their clothing. The one woman in the meeting intelligently remains clothed. The elusive Kenyan, John Gichomo, visits the Gnarcast for the first time, explaining exactly what the fuck he is trying to say in his posts as he battles the English language barrier.

Boston Rob gets too high to remember the name of the weekly sex toy contest, while Jimmy Sniper snipes, Sponch bashes his head into the microphone five times and finds out the GoFundMe to get him to Wisconsin was successful, and Cheef argues with the rest of the boys about whether or not he does the Take a Hike Shop read the same way each week. 

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