Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 43: Upside Down Hugs

The boys are back from their epic trip to Trestle to discuss important (non) mountain bike-related topics. Devin Carlson from Archer Components is back on the show to discuss their new products, which include a new battery pack that actuates their shifters 50% faster. Looners are a hot topic of conversation again as the boys discuss buying a hot-air balloon to lead legions of horny looners across the country, soaking the nation in semen. This leads to the development of a new event which Gnar Couch will sponsor in which balloons are filled with female ejaculate for a water balloon fight. The Gnardcast also considers several Patreons and Venmo drives, with memberships ranging from $.69 to $69, and $4.20 in between. Give us and our sponsors money.

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