Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 69-24: What Does Boof Mean, Dad?

Roon Rib takes the night off to attend a Smashing Blumpkins concert and James Perri fills in. Jimmy explains having to explain boofing drugs to his 14-year-old son after Sponch dresses up like Boof the Magic Dragon while riding in Jackson Hole. Perri discloses his skill as an ASMR talent as the Gnards make sound effect requests that include choking a turkey and dolphin sex. Slick Honey Soaked Cougar tells the story about buying a Gnar Couch Looner shirt for his buddy who wore it for pictures the day his twins were born. Sponch slurps IPA from the HerPee. AJ Ghost gets naked and eats spaghetti in the Zoom room. 69 Gooseknucke 420 key bumps Total War preworkout. Perri concludes the show with a rant about jibbers.

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