Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 69-25: Chelsea Kimball and Ryan Rodriguez

Sponch booked surprise guests this week, elating both Bobston Ross and Cheef. Formation and Freeride Fiesta rider Chelsea Kimball FINALLY joined the boys to talk about freeriding the holy crap out of North America. Her boyfriend, Ryan Rodriguez, who Sponch and Cheef have nicknamed Papa Virgin, also stopped by the Stabbin’ Cabin. In an unprecedented event, most of the content focuses on bikes, with a few forays into topics such as selling farts and fart videos for a living, jack-off crystals, and Gnar Couch’s latest idea for an event, Rampaved, which will be held in Bentonville, AR. Cheef’s mic is too hot and Bobston Ross repeatedly fucks up as a producer. In all, this prodcast is still a 6.9 out of 420. Also, Ryan farts into the mic on command. All this shit was done by Howard Stern a long time ago. We suck.

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