Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 69-23: Tight Chutes and Denim Chaps

Bob Bonelli from Tight Chutes joins the boys this week and they give away a Session hip pack. Tight Chutes sells packs that don’t suck, along with other things that make riding more convenient. Bob uses his experience as a former soldier, longtime backcountry skier, and overall smart guy to design hip packs even Cheef would wear (and Cheef hates hip packs).

Bobston Ross returns after missing a week for a Smashing Blumpkins concert. Sponch tells the story about a grizzly bear and her cub rummaging through his campsite in Jackson Hole. Jimmy is on point with a record number of snipes, and Cheef talks about the first race he’s entered in the past eight years and how he rode off the trail. 

Also included: potty humor and middle-aged men acting like they’re 13.

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