Gnar Couch Podcast Incident 69-21: The Best of the Gnards

On this worst-ever best-ever, the boys highlight the true heart of the podcast: the Gnards. It’s two hours of rambling drops and cuts about lot lizards douching with used motor oil, cocaine and Mexican donkey shows, worshipping the Gnar Couch, starting businesses while smoking pot, pissing on your own leg, poetry, Sponch’s mom, butt plugs, and so much more! You’ll hate it!

Starring: Drunk Wisconsin Person, 69 Goose Fuckle 420, Balloon Animal, Bentonville Looner, Choad McCuntonyaface, Shatpoo Cockley, #TeamTerry, Luce Bajina, Smart Dustin, Josh Bender and more!

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