Gnar Couch Podcast 58 Part I: Dirt Spray; Beef Peazza; He Broke, They Entered

First and foremost, we’re adding Dirt Spray to the list of discounted merchants for our Patreon subscribers. You’ll get 15% off all Dirt Spray orders when you join! Their jerseys are some of the sickest in all of MTB! Definitely check them out. We’ve also added an early release preview of Fifteen7’s new video Gangnar to our Patreon page. Check out all the homies riding SLC, Green River, and Virgin, with a guest appearance from Sponch. Ben Jergenhoff calls the Oral Connections Line to try to squash his beef with Goose Knuckle by sharing a “beef pizza.” The boys evaluate the legality of “rape dogs” after a guy gets stuck breaking into an elderly woman’s house through a doggy door, but gets stuck and sexually assaulted by two German shepherds. They also discuss the art of jelqing.

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