Gnar Couch Showcast 8: Governmental Nutrition Guidelines, Ryan Gothling, Bladerunner 2049, The Most Important News Headlines of the Month

Kenny, Sponch and BJ are finally back. BJ is too high to talk per usual. Sponch and Kenny are on the greatest speed ever made. Life is good. We learned a lot. Watermelon is the most nutritious food according to the US government. That’s some bad news for Nancy “Prosciutto” Pelosi. Damn. Gnardfest is upon us as well as the sunsetting of the goth girl population due to climate change. Please write Al Gore to fix this urgent problem. We also continued our Sigma Series with another Ryan Gothling film, Blade Runner 2049. On that note…

Ana De Armas…

I love you, bb jirl. Pls love me back.

That one weird guy from the internet,

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