Gnard Fest Scavenger Hunt

Send all videos and photos to our INSTAGRAM.

Contest is honor-system-based, so don’t lie about finishing missions. Contest runs noon-4 pm. Copy and paste missions to keep track of your score. Winners will be announced at our live show in Lot A at 7 pm. DM score totals to our Instagram. Stop by our tent near the Gondola to say hi and shotgun La Croix and drink condensed milk. Have fun!

KENNY LEGGS – Roll your shorts up as short as Kenny Eggs (as short as possible), rip a lap. DM us video or a photo. {3,000,000 POINTS}

DICKS FROM SPACE – Draw a penis visible from a lift. Snap a photo. DM it to us. {1,000,000 POINTS}

ARTS & CRAPS – Draw a Gnar Couch. DM us the video or photo. {2,000,000 POINTS}

NO SHIRT, MORE SERVICE – DM us ANY topless photo. {2,000,000 POINTS}

SPONCHIFY THE TRAIL – Pretend to shit on the trails. PRETEND. Snap a photo. DM it for us. {2,000,000 POINTS}

THE DANGER ZONE – Pretend to be an F-14 on jump. Send us video or photo in a DM. {2,000,000 POINTS}

WHAT’S YOUR ANGROMETER – Show us your best Angry Jimmy face. Get mad. Take a photo of your face. DM us. {2,000,000 POINTS}

BOOMER NAP – Take a photo of yourself enjoying a nap in the middle of the day like Cheef. {3,000,000 POINTS}

BOSTON ROB – Talk in a Boston accent. Get video. DM it to us. {3,000,000 POINTS}

LIQUID TV STATIC – Stop by our tent at the base and shotgun a La Croix. {3,000,000 POINTS}

MAYOR OF THE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD – Tell a random person you’re “Sam Walton, the Mayor of Bentonville.” Get video. DM it to us. {3,000,000 POINTS}

SHIRTS OFF FOR DANNY MAC – Take a shirtless run for Danny Mac, the Bitchin’ Little Mexican. Get video. DM us. {3,000,000 POINTS}

SHRED THE GNAR GNAR – Ask a lifty if they “shred the gnar-gnar.” Get video. DM us. {3,000,000 POINTS}

TELL US YOUR THOTS – Ask a random person what they think of Gnar Couch. DM us the video. {3,000,000 POINTS}

THE GOLDEN TUNAHCAN – Find the Golden Tuna Can. Take a photo with it. DM us. {4,000,000 POINTS}

JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS – DM us a photo or video of anything on your bike you’ve broken or the aftermath of any crash. {5,000,000 POINTS}

LOONER LAP – Grab some balloons from our tent at the base. Blow them up, and do a lap with balloon tits. Send us a video or photo for proof. DM us. {5,000,000 POINTS}

PODDY LAP – Find someone from the podshow or showcast and take a lap with them. {5,000,000 POINTS}

RODERT MILKY MEET & GREET – Find Rodert McDenrey and enjoy some nutritious condensed milk with him. {5,000,000 POINTS}

SIT ON MY FULL FACE – Have someone sit on your face with your helmet on. Get a photo or video. DM it to us. {5,000,000 POINTS}

THE PODCRAP – DM us a 5-10 second video imitating our podshow or showcast. {5,000,000 POINTS}

WE WANT ATTENTION – Tag us in anything dumb that you do. Post to Instagram. {5,000,000 POINTS}

PUMP UP THE JAM – Use the bike pump at Five Points in a sexy way. DM us the video or photo. {6,000,000 POINTS}

ABOLISH SLEEVERY – Cut the sleeves off your shirt. Snap a photo. DM us. {7,000,000 POINTS}

HUCK TO FLAT – Huck something to flat. Get video. DM us. {7,000,000 POINTS}

PERSONAL GRAFITTI – Write “shred til bed” somewhere on your body. DM us a video or photo. {7,000,000 POINTS}

SPONCH’S MOM – Find Sponch and tell him you had sex with his mom. DM us video. {7,500,000 POINTS}

FULFILL THE CONTRACT – Find Jimmy Sniper and ask him what level his angrometer is at? Get video and DM us if you can! {7,500,000 POINTS}

BOMBS AWAY – Find Cheef (wearing all white) on the Olympia lift and ask him to shower you with love. {10,000,000 POINTS}

PACK THE CAN – Pack 5+ people into the gondola. Take a video or photo and DM it to us. {10,000,000 POINTS}

First place: Gnar Couch prototype Jersey, Gnar Couch T-shirt, Hump! The game of erotic education and sexual satisfaction, Huck to flat top cap, Assorted diet smoke gummies, Stickers , and other goodies
Second place: Gnar Couch T-shirt, Huevos shirt, Huck to flat top cap, Assorted diet smoke gummies, Stickers, and other goodies
Third place; Gnar Couch T-shirt ,Huck to flat top cap, Assorted diet smoke gummies, Stickers, and other goodies
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