Gnar Couch Ass Packer

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You have a mustache and a mullet, you wear neon Hawaiian shirts, you rock Snake Bro sunglasses, and you do it all unironically. The only thing keeping you from wearing the worst outfit imaginable is a terrible fanny pack. With the Gnar Couch Ass Packer, you'll ascend to an L. Ron Hubbard-level of hipsterdom, helping you gain all the attention you crave.

• Looks great in 2020, when people wear whatever the hell they want

• Holds your Snake Bro sunglasses and mustache trimmer

• Room for an innertube, park tool, and a couple PBRs

• Something you can laugh at when you look at photos in 10 years

• Silky interior has multiple uses

• Can be worn over your shoulder like the dork in the product photo

• Perfect accessory for divorce court proceedings

Size guide

Fanny Pack circumference (inches) 27 ⅝-37 ¾ 35 ⅜-52 ⅜
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