Gnar Couch Podshow 152: The Return of John Kilo, The Sexual Potential of Taco Bell, Botulism and Hot Sauce

Ah, here we go again, another awe-inspiring episode of the Gnar Couch Podshow, with Cheef, Jimmy Sniper, JP, and Boston Rob (especially) coming at you like a fart in a fan factory.

Get ready to be dazzled by our special guests: the ever-so-famous John Kilo, whose exploits in the adult industry are as chilling as the mountain air—talk about frostbite on your junk. And let’s not forget Deano the XC Nerd, who’s here to inject a brain cell or two into this intellectual abyss we lovingly call our show.

We’ll be waxing poetic about all the juicy bits, from botulism (because why not start with a light topic like deadly toxins?) to the intricacies of indoor cycling and outdoor… other activities. Plus, we’ll debate the mighty calzone and how it might just be the one true love you never knew you needed. Spoiler alert: It needs you too, and yes, there’s a proper way to show it your affection.

What’s that? You want to hear more about the award-winning performances? Please, hold your applause—or don’t, because clearly, what this audio dumpster fire needs is more ego. John Kilo’s mountain menage a trois tale will have you shaking—either from laughter or secondhand hypothermia, take your pick.

Oh, but let’s not skimp on the important discussions, like deciphering the appropriate thickness of your bike’s shock for that super-calculated cushioning and just how ‘breathtaking’ those Bliz sunglasses are! They’ll shield your eyes from the sheer brilliance of our content. Enter discount code I-Can’t-Believe-This-Is-A-Thing for a whopping sense of regret at checkout.

Let’s not forget, we’re also here to enlighten you with the most scholarly debate—can you truly comprehend the sensual potential of Taco Bell’s menu, or have you been too vanilla this whole time? Your third eye is about to open, folks.

And of course, we’ve got John Kilo’s not-safe-for-anywhere vids. Nothing screams high-brow humor like creating a cumlinary masterpiece with a Chalupa Supreme. It’s art, people. Look it up.

Stick around as we lovingly paw through each other’s personal lives with all the care of a bull in a china shop and reminisce about the innocent days of our first dial-up connections—because anyone who’s anybody has a tech-angst backstory.

So, slap on your sexiest picante prophylactic and get ready for a pedantic parade of perverse punditry. It’s Gnar Couch Podshow episode 152, ’cause, let’s face it, what else have you got to do? Listen in, or don’t—whatever. But really, do. It’s going to be fucking spectacular…ly average. Here we go!

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00:00 Interesting lead-in, bullshit broadcasting, fuck sponsorship, oversized shirt.

10:48 Homemade hot sauce can fucking cause botulism.

14:45 Asking for a fucking stiffer fork spring.

21:49 Mike was a bike badass, check Cool shit.

26:53 She thought he was normal but fucking out there.

32:22 Exclusive porn environment: where fucking badly excels.

36:12 I maintain a versatile and fucking surprising persona.

42:16 “Reviewing Taco Bell’s Meatless Fucking Menu Items”

46:10 Earning cash from Pornhub and OnlyFans subscriptions.

54:52 The first fleshlight is a jumbo water trick snake available on 1229. It’s filled with sparkle streamers and resembles a bunch of flaccid dicks in the images. It measures two inches wide and five inches tall—a perfect size.

59:04 Reaching out for condom sponsor, food fucking.

01:04:50 Fucking love it, gotta fucking talk about it.

01:09:32 Differences in tortillas lead to risky dick jokes.

01:12:46 Hesitant to try raw meat in videos.

01:21:05 Sex work pressure to fuck a fan.

01:25:23 Fucking tedious, switching camera angles mid-sex.

01:30:53 Jimmy has fucking blizz on his goddamn face.

01:35:53 Biking, Boston, and a question for John.

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