19-Year-Old Peter Jamison Is Already Better At Filming MTB Than Everyone

I tried for a while to become a mountain bike photographer and when I ultimately failed it was for two reasons.

  1. I’m lazy.
  2. There are people like Peter Jamison who are half my age and way better.

Peter not only has natural talent as a filmmaker, but he has the intangible gift of making athletes comfortable while he films. At least it seems that way. I’ve never actually met him. However, if you’re walking around Brett Rheeder’s house filming him while he makes portabello mushroom burgers, I assume he’s pretty comfortable having you around.

Gnar Couch would love to team up with Peter on future video projects, but I know that will never happen. By the time we produce a video, he’ll charge way too much money, and honestly, I’ll still be too lazy to take the idea any farther than mentioning it in this post.

Peter went coast to coast, filming riders like Rheeder, T-Mac, Ethan Nell, DJ Brandt, McClayne Empey, Tom Van Steenbergen, Ian Carpenter, Kade Edwards, Reed Boggs, Jaxson Riddle, Matt Macduff, Brayden Barrett/Hay, David Lieb, Nick Fix and Aaron Chase for this stupid-good edit called “Tribe.”

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