Gnar Couch Podshow 150: Tony Olmstead, What the F*ck is a Diaper Spa, A Trail Jimmy Will Go Down On

Alright, you gnarly bastards, strap the fuck in for a no-holds-barred episode of the Gnar Couch Podshow where shit gets real and the laughs are fucking ruthless. I’m Cheef, throwing you into the mix with a crew of mayhem-makers JP, Jimmy Sniper, and Boston Rob. Today, we’re welcoming Tony Olmstead, an up-and-coming mountain bike photography badass with a penchant for adventure and a middle finger up to the corporate grind.

Let’s rip into this beast with a bitchin’ debate about those goddamn elusive Denver mountain views, then dive balls-deep into the batshit origin story of Tony’s media empire. Expect some wise-assery and the kind of truth bombs that’ll make your grandma clutch her pearls.

But that’s just scratching the surface. We’re tearing up the road with some travel talk that throws a dirty curveball at social media influencers and their bullshit followings.

Tony’s laying it all out there, from burning rubber across the nation to dodging the predictable paths everyone else seems to jerk off to. Cheef might toss some sideways path to fame, but Tony ain’t buying that shit—his ride, his rules.

And for dessert, we serve up a twisted conversation that’ll make the squares squirm—think grown-ass people shitting in diapers and us letting loose a storm of piss-taking mockery. It’s as messed up as it sounds, and just another Thursday for us.

Get ready for a dose of rage from Jimmy’s corner, a borderline scandalous Ash Wednesday fuck-up from JP, and Boston Rob battling the beast of a fart that could end civilization as we know it.

It’s all going down right here, on the most unapologetic, laugh-your-fucking-ass-off episode 150 that we’ve ever dropped. So slap on those headphones, carve out a trail, and let’s fucking send it!

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Show stuff:

11:20 JP outruns cop with Kickstand’s sneaky help.

15:45 Freaking mysterious calls won’t leave me alone.

20:48 Man hilariously recalls Mr. Deeds shower scene.

26:55 He’s a fucking awesome photographer and biker.

32:26 Didn’t want to fucking take photos, loved biking.

33:44 Ditched Nikon for writing, fuckin’ miss photography.

44:10 I want to fucking travel but don’t know shit about the process.

47:09 Took the damn northern route, sick of it.

52:26 Started backpacking in Europe, fell in love.

59:33 Hats sold tonight, fucking ridiculous fork deals.

01:04:26 Selling sex dolls and weed at airports.

01:07:43 Reactor series makes fucking shit chemical product.

01:17:55 Feeling fucking extreme, maybe I’m Republican now. Seeing a fucking weird furry in a full leather dog mask. Wanna fucking take out my van and smash it.

01:19:11 Played damn house as a kid, now pissed.

01:24:41 Grown-ups rubbed with oil like babies, absurd.

01:34:33 Get 30% off badass shades with code “sponschesmom” at Kick ass and save some damn money!

01:38:53 Audience takes the fucking mic, show’s ending.

01:43:22 Big fucking thanks to all our Patreon supporters!

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