Gnar Couch was conceived by two 15-year-olds smoking marijuana stems and a hint of meth under a garbage dumpster re-purposed as a skate park ramp in Durango, CO.

Not having a private place to conceive a bastard child that would grow up illiterate, the young lovers once adorned in mall-punk fashions procreated beneath the ramp wearing nothing but clapped-out skate shoes.

Upon learning of the pregnancy, the father dropped out of school, lied about his age, and got a job at a vape shop. After a gestation period of just five months, the girl also dropped out to have a premature baby. They were both shocked when Gnar Couch emerged from her birth canal.

Eventually, it grew up and moved to I-Street Bike Park in Salt Lake City. Its only mission ever has been to coat the world in its gnar.

Have a seat.

Gnar Couch
I want you to sit on me.
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