(Double Drop) Gnar Couch Podshow 132: R-Dog/Ride or Die, Congealed Weapons, Mad at Memes

Back in the fall we were “hacked” by people “we don’t know” and we lost a bunch of episodes. Well, we never actually lost the episodes. We still have every one, and we’ll periodically post them from time to time. Here’s the episode with R-Dog. It was awesome, unlike the “unknowns” who “hacked” us.

Prepare your fragile sensibilities because we’ve got special guest Ryan “R-Dog” Howard unleashing unfiltered truths and tossing out sass like dirty laundry in the dorm. We’ll kick things off with a “heartwarming” stroll down cinematic memory lane discussing “Captain Phillips,” only to be hijacked by Wilson—yeah, a bloody volleyball steals the show.

Naked chaos? Got it. Weiner jokes? Coming at you every damn week. Our Zoom room is no holy sanctuary; it’s more an unhinged, unsolicited nude-fest with a side of group showers. It’s not weird; it’s bonding, right? Or perhaps just a reminder that you should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

We’re serving up our dysfunctional family dinner chat on beans, barbecues, and the quest for the Big O—because why the hell not blend food and sex in a chaotic orgy of conversation? Capitalism, eat your heart out; we’re here peddling our soul (and merch) at the bazaar, shilling for your dollars with stickers, shirts, and free-fender fantasies.

Between the technical glitches and tales of mountain biking majesty—with R-Dog dishing on the sanctity of not giving a rat’s ass about competition—we keep it as real as a kick to the shins. Speaking of reality checks, we’ve got group therapy sessions for past Rampage and Joyride atrocities and a shared moment of shame for anyone who ever thought big bike parks could buy happiness.

And because we’re generous like that, we’ll school you in the ways of the Gnar Couch skater, critique infield influencers, and thrill you with accounts of R-Dog’s infamous leg rehab saga—all while never deviating from our signature style: sarcasm so thick you could spread it on toast.

Finally, get ready for a sugar high of caffeine-fueled rants and the deep philosophical musings of whether “Anal and the Dishes” is a provocative track or the story of our lives. So, spike your helmets, crack open a cold one and join us for the descent into madness—Gnar Couch style. Let’s roll out this shitshow! 🤘

00:00 Bobston Ross on the fucking ones and twos.

10:23 Like, who cares? We just film shit.

13:54 Riding crew and badass videos, shit’s so sick.

18:12 Watched new world disorder, idolized two six.

23:03 We’d do your video

32:34 Guy gets jailed for being a real charmer.

35:35 Riding with gnarly dudes, totally outta my league.

40:17 First time meeting, wild party—then “I’m out.”

45:39 Red Bull Ripoff

52:05 Got fucked up on the mountain, cool story bro.

59:55 Vale Mo screwed up Park City, no surprise.

52:05 Got fucked up on the mountain, cool story bro.

59:55 Vale Mo screwed up Park City, no surprise.

01:02:15 Rich assholes pissed off about popular bike trail.

01:06:59 Random dude helps out, gets stupid nicknames.

01:15:06 Tackling Tanner at Rampage

01:22:20 Buy Bliz sunglasses

01:26:46 Suggesting a fucking illustrated trail sex guide.

01:31:03 Mike Randall is the fucking bike whisperer.

01:39:14 Listened to all their shit, saw them shred live.

01:40:14 Renaissance Fair

01:46:56 Thanks to all the fucking patrons

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