Gnar Couch Podshow 153: Fezzari Rebrand, Saudi Prince MTB Comps, Why Do People Like Pinkbike?

Ah, the moment you’ve all been pretending to wait for—Gnar Couch Podshow Episode 153 is dropping, and it’s about as stable as a two-legged chair tied to a downcountry bike. Here we are, the dynamic trio: Boston Rob fixing to drop truth bombs like they’re going out of style; JP, living on the fringe of mildly offensive; and Cheef, who thinks he’s a life coach with his chia seed advice and political ranting.

Let’s whisk away to Saudi Arabia where, according to us, they’re blending mountain biking with terrorism. 

We give Pinkbike some chatter, then instantly regret it.

From there, it’s tales from Wyoming bars, the delicate intricacies of workplace hygiene, and of course, the classic ‘networking’ that happens at the Wyoming dive bars. We’re Renaissance men, really.

Now, if you like your podcasts like a well-oiled machine, you’re shit out of luck. Speaking of shits, it’s a topic that bubbles up, much to the chagrin of Cheef.

Remember, if you’re at all offended, it’s not us, it’s you. 

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00:00 Tune your car properly to avoid backfiring.

07:34 Confusing AF convo, badass Jimmy impression though.

12:10 Jimmy thinks he hears voices, obsesses about gunshots.

21:31 Fazari’s comment ignites shitstorm on biking site.

26:24 Canyon Bicycles paid a shitload to rebrand.

32:55 Analyzed Instagram page, found mostly real followers.

39:16 Podcast host fucking loves talking about cholera.

42:03 I’m in the damn hospital, and shit’s happening.

47:25 Hate the anti-college bullshit. Blue-collar pride!

53:42 Spy pics of Ryan Rodriguez on new e-bike, bitches!

58:20 Wannabe Phil Mickelson raking in millions, no sweat.

01:02:20 Opposing sports funding, criticizing governments worldwide. Deal?

01:12:38 Let’s fucking start the free music ride.

01:18:34 Join for as low as $4.20/month. Be a nardlet with us, damn it!

01:21:53 Coffee shop mix-up: almost got effed over.

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