Gnar Couch Podshow 149: Ryan Rodriguez and JP’s Taiwanese Weekend at Bernie’s, Being Blown Out and Washed Up, Gnar Couch Sex Dolls

What’s up, all you beautiful degenerates? Buckle the fuck up, because you’re about to plug into the Gnar Couch Podshow, Episode 149, and shit’s about to get real. I’m the producer Boston Rob, flanked by the hosts JP and Cheef, with Ryan Rodriguez dropping in and our random-ass caller spicing up the mix.

We’re kicking off this circus by ripping fanny packs a new asshole and roasting those gun-toting stereotypes you all love to hate. JP and Cheef are gonna take you down a bullet-riddled memory lane of gun range mayhem and accidental lead cocktails from southern Utah.

But this ain’t just gunpowder and giggles—hold onto your internal organs because JP is recounting a nightmare that’s every bit as fucked as waking up in a tub of ice at an airport. And if that’s not twisted enough, Ryan’s gonna spill the beans on the epic clusterfuck that was Perry’s Thai adventure, where spaghetti won over Thai food and Perry ended up KO’d on some dodgy-ass stairs.

Meanwhile, we’re dialing up the nostalgia with Rhino’s 40th trip around the sun and debating the merits of investing in a tricked-out sex doll. Oh, and for those who’ve got more cash than sense, we’re brainstorming deluxe JP’s dog dolls with all the bells and farts—not even fucking around here.

Between pedaling deals on Fox suspension parts from and bitching about unfulfilling bike part exchanges, Ryan’s sharing how he turned his soul-sucking job at the Shell oil refinery into a tale of music and biking redemption.

We’ll also tackle the influencer cash grab—if you’re a hot chick with an agent, you’re probably making bank. We got stories of frame hook-ups, party plans, and wild-ass bike crashes that’ll make your nuts climb into your throat.

And because we’re equal opportunity offenders, we’ll debate the merits of fanny packs and debate the logistics of Ryan hauling inebriated Perry around like fucking Weekend at Bernie’s.

Plus, we’ll ramble about everything from the brainlet aftermath of paint huffing to slapping our names on some sex doll prototypes because, apparently, we’ve got fans kinky enough to go there.

Before we wrap this shitshow, expect a deep dive into the influencer’s guide to making it (or faking it), a hotline to the mad deals at, and the tantalizing prospect of fucking with every normie’s head by adding an “ass packer” to your gear.

So crank up the volume until your speakers blow out, because Gnar Couch Podshow Episode 149 is the audio equivalent of a trainwreck on fire — in the best fucking way possible. Let’s get this party started, motherfuckers! 🤘

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00:00 Thrilling race, fucking missed win, intense description.

10:42 Reconnecting with old friends was fucking weird.

13:28 New business idea: personalized sex dolls featuring hosts.

21:36 Bald, fat, fucking redhead sweating over case.

25:19 Dodging bullets while skiing down dangerous mountain.

30:39 Fucking shutdowns meant worker bees rebuilt non-stop.

33:17 Former mountain bike influencer, sponsored rider, resume struggle.

41:50 Parts with exposure; always fucking scary. Jump and look down, nothing else.

44:16 Watching Rhino, fucking the easy line.

52:01 Aaron Gwynn just fucking conquered King Kong.

58:23 Phil Atwill is a fucking badass on a bike.

01:03:23 Blacked out, fought, left shit, remembered cash.

01:08:33 Hotel on right, then pass it. “Go back, damn it, I want a snack!” “No, there’s another one up ahead.” Pass again. “Stop here, I know where it is.”

01:11:16 Blacked out, woke up on the damn highway.

01:18:03 Rhino’s bullshit veganism saved my fucking life.

01:22:23 Quit bitching about gender and appreciate tricks.

01:30:17 Watch, locate, and fucking free ride, assholes.

01:33:12 Support our fucking content on Patreon now.

01:43:27 Photographer kicks ass, leaving others in dust.

01:44:30 Struggling with work, found perspective from colleague.

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