Shredding A Full-Suspension BMX Bike

Ruben Alcantara and Garrett Byrnes wanted to ride a BMX bike on mountain bike flow trails so they did what anyone would do and apparently invented “MTBMX” park bikes.

Of course, I’m too fucking lazy to create something like this, which is why I ride dirt jumpers and downhill bikes to begin with. That being said–that I’m lazy–I’d love to see all XC bikes ripped from production and replaced with these. Bikes aren’t for exercise. They’re for fun.

I’m interested to see where MTBMX goes in the future. Will it kill 29ers? Will Drew Bezanson start riding an MTBMX bike and jump the Grand Canyon? Will the 26 ain’t dead crew be overly pissed off when another wheel size shows up in mountain biking? Will old men finally buy 20-inch bikes again, knowing their knees won’t swell up to the size of soccer balls following rides on them?

Watch the trailer for Fingers Crossed BMX and answer those questions yourself.



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