Huck to Flat Mountain Bike Fender (Free Shipping)

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You like things in your mouth, but not dirt and rocks when mountain biking. That's why you're going to get a Huck to Flat mountain bike fender. The Huck to Flat fender lets people know you go big, even when you don't have to. Like your high school girlfriend, boyfriend, or theyfriend, it attaches easily. Unlike them, it won't cheat on you when you go to the Grand Canyon on summer vacation.


  • Crazy-good introductory price on first 50 fenders
  • Sick graphic that gets better every time you look at it closely
  • Cool mountain bike fender will make your bike look dope AF
  • Matches every bike
  • Might make you look cooler/better than you actually are
  • Includes zip ties
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