Shuttles and Cuddles Mountain Bike Fender (Free Shipping)

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You like things in your mouth, but not dirt and rocks when mountain biking. That's why you're going to get a Shuttles and Cuddles mountain bike fender. You know that throwing your bike in the back of a truck with seven other bikes, at least four people, and a cooler full of PBR, then ripping up a road, shredding down, and bro-hugging after the ride is the only acceptable way to ride, so buy a product that celebrates this epic pastime.


  • Crazy-good introductory price on first 50 fenders
  • Sick graphic accurately depicts mountain bike shuttle culture
  • Cool mountain bike fender will make your bike look dope AF
  • Matches every bike because it's so colorful
  • Cute, fuzzy animals graphic will attract the one female freerider in your town
  • Includes zip ties
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