Hate Bit Tee

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Remember the old days, when you would ride your bike to the train tracks, throw fluorescent light bulbs at trains, steal Cherry Clan candy from the corner store, then wrap up your perfect day by kicking the shit out of the bad guys who stole your girlfriend on Double Dragon? Well, that perfect day is what inspired this shirt. Buy one, and live this day one more time because going to jail for retail theft and property destruction is way cooler than being Toyota Sienna-driving 42-year-old with dad bod. • Stretchy material is great for throwing rocks through abandoned building windows • Will make you better at NES games (except Ninja Gaiden and Battletoads, because they're impossible) • Conjurs fond memories of being brought home to your parents by the cops • Can be used as a towel when you spill Jolt Cola and/or Cleary Canadian • Colors to match all 80s/90s freestyle bikes • Great for exploring sewage tunnels and train bridges
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