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هههه هاد العزوا عالااااام

Posted by Trust09 on Monday, December 9, 2019

Hey young ‘uns. You ever hear a boomer tell you that the United States is the greatest country in the world and called bullshit because you work at Starbucks, have a massive amount of college debt, and the only healthcare you can afford is from a free clinic that actually gives you STDs once you walk in the door?

Well, put down your five-dollar kombucha and show that old bastard some respect because based on this video, he’s probably fucking right.

In whatever not-American country this is, they ride bikes that come in two pieces. The dude riding it makes it look fun as shit when he does a “wheelie” for 10 seconds, followed by a sick flat-land no-hander. It would be even more fun with a top tube, chain, swing arms and an overpriced, shitty tasting IPA at the end of the ride.

We have actual bikes here, so cock your sound holes toward that patriotic curmudgeon and honor his ramblings with the utmost regard, unless you think two-piece bikes are better than one

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