Chasing Volcanoes With Kilian Bron

You know the old saying…

“You don’t chase volcanoes, they chase you.”

Actually, I’ve never heard anyone say that, but I’m sure someone has when referencing a volcano.

Other than Yellowstone, I’ve never seen a volcano, unless you count the time I projectile vomited on I-80 just east of Sinclair, Wyoming as a volcano.

I was moving from Illinois to Jackson Hole in July. It was about 100 degrees in Illinois, and I had become dehydrated and exhausted while packing. I prepared and ate some undercooked meat at a Nebraska campground when I decided to stop driving for the night. My dogs then kept me up all night by using my head as a tapdance floor during a thunderstorm. Add in some altitude and a shitty lunch in Cheyenne the next day, and you have a heaving on the scale of Pinatubo while an F5 tornado passes through just for fun.

It was hot, violent, explosive vomit, the likes of which I had never seen, on the side of a major freeway. I honestly think Kilian Bron would have been in more danger riding past this digestive disaster than he was in this video. In fact, I know that because some bikepackers came rolling through right as the vomit flew. They had to ride through it, and their eyes told me they were way more frightened than Kilian ever was in this video.

Here’s 10 minutes of MTB goodness. I hope the bikepackers see this. Consider it my apology.

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