2020 DARKfest Highlights

The day the DARKfest highlight reel drops is like Christmases past here at Gnar Couch.

We say it’s like Christmas because if actually was Christmas our mom would be yelling at us to get our assess in the car while our stepdad pounds a Miller Lite after smoking a fat J in celebration of the fact he doesn’t have to go work at his shitty job today.

Eventually, we’d eat a shitload of Velveeta-based dip, drink Pepsis until we nearly pissed ourselves and delight in our new G.I. Joe toys, as our half-drunk and tired parents, aunts and uncles cleaned up whatever huge mess we made.

Well, mom and our stepdad aren’t here, our family is too damn old to clean up after us now, and we’re the ones pounding beers. However, we’re about as delighted by this video as we were at Christmas so all in all, this is great damn day.

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