Jason Voorhees Recruiting MTB Camp Counselors 

Eerick Sandstrom

CRYSTAL LAKE, NJ—Crystal Lake Mountain Bike Camp will be hosting a camp counselor recruiting event and group night ride tonight at Crystal Lake beginning at dusk.

“This is going to be a killer event,” Camp Youth Development Director Jason Voorhees said, “I can’t wait to get out there and slay the ki…I mean…slay the trails with the kids.”

The first-time event is open to anyone 17 to 19 years old and will include mountain biking and a number of post-ride activities.

“We’ll have plenty of things for kids to do after the ride as well, including axe throwing and a special night swim,” said Voorhees. “Seriously, it’s going to be a bloody good time.”

The most anticipated activity, according to Voorhees, will be a time trial on the lake’s signature trail, Bloodbath. Racers will head off into the woods alone every couple of minutes and navigate the flow trail’s many bumps and jumps.

“Riders love that trail because the rollers and jumps aren’t too big, but they’re still fun. They’re about the size of the mound you’d find on top of a shallow grave, for lack of a better description,” said Voorhees. “I might even take a stab at some of these kids, even though I’m slowing down in my old age.”

Those hoping to become camp counselors may attend tonight’s event even if they don’t own a bike thanks to a generous donation from Voorhees’ mother, who started the camp.

“Mom and I are all about getting as many kids out here as possible so she equipped us with about a dozen Rocky Mountain Slayers,” said Voorhees. “They’re the perfect do-it-all bike, and personally, I think the logo is super cool. For those who prefer 29ers, we will have Trek Slashes.”

The camp, which is currently short-staffed after a number of counselors recently stopped showing up for work, provides mentorship for younger riders and maintains dozens of miles of trails near the lake. The camp hopes to fill the vacancies with new bodies, said Voorhees.

“We’re really hoping to get some new blood in here,” he said. “I won’t lie. Sometimes this place can be murder, but the work is very rewarding if you survive it.”

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