Gnarhart Introduces New Denim Freeride Dungaree Jorts and Enduro Jumpsuit

Photo: Jimmy Sniper

VANCOUVER, WA—Mountain bikers desperately seeking attention beyond that provided by mustaches, party shirts and neon sunglasses have a new option thanks to clothing startup Gnarhart.

The Vancouver, Washington-based company recently introduced two products—Freeride Dungaree Jorts and the Enduro Jumpsuit via Instagram stories last week.

“People could look more ridiculous on the mountain,” said Gnarhart Chief Designer Billy Beetnick. “It’s still cool to look like a child molester or a 1990s nerd, but riders should also consider looking like Oompa-Loompas and ‘In Living Color’ Fly Girls.”

Gnarhart’s Freeride Dungaree Jorts are currently offered in acid-wash with a five-inch inseam. Beetnick said a shorter inseam that will offer improved air circulation to the genitals will be released later this year. The Enduro Jumpsuit is offered in khaki, a color boring enough to match enduro races, and includes a built-in fanny pack. A downhill green man suit will be released on St. Patrick’s Day. No cross-country attire is planned, as it looks absurd enough already.

“We’re extremely excited to make trails and bike parks look as much like mental institutions as possible,” said Beetnick. “We can’t wait to overcharge people for kits that make them look like idiots.”

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